We had the pleasure of being the first collaborators for Cubbish Studio and we started from the concept of the merge of two seemingly disparate elements that create a story, a new universe. Fusion concept, linked to the philosophy of Cubbish.

The scene reflects a situation where several characters are mixed after a night out. A metaphor for the fusion of creative elements through an orgy.

Post Party

Tie Me Up!


Toxic Cocktail


Creative Direction: Súper Fuerte & Cubbish / Legs: Carla Mercader, Pere Tió & Álvaro Peñalta / Production: Berta O. Peig / Director of Photography: Bernat Oller / Art Direction & Set Design: Súper Fuerte & Josep Prat Sorolla / Make Up: Alaitz Albuquerque / Postproduction: Súper Fuerte / Motion: Josep Prat Sorolla / January 2016