Art direction for the music video ‘Hambre’, the first single taken from Mueveloreina’s first album, ‘Carne’.

The concept of the video clip is a metaphor for the three stages of life: birth, sex and finally death. Three experiences personified through three elements: Blood, sperm and tears.

We decided to associate each character with a lighting tone related to the fluid representing each stage of life.

Written & Directed by: Enredo / Co-produced by: Los Hermanos Polo, Pasarela Grupo Audiovisual & Helsinkipro / Production Director: Chiara Torinos / Production Manager: Laura Lluch / Director of Photography: Carlos Aparicio / Camera Assistant: Carmina Del Campo & Mario De Juan / Art Direction & Set Design: Súper Fuerte / Costume Design: Carmen Errando / Costume Coordinator: Lola Guillén / Makeup Department Head: Kuki Giménez / Makeup & Hair Assistants: Miguel Vidagany, Gala Philippe, Ane Martínez, Almudena Traver & Diego Ferrando / Gaffers: Lluis Moreno, Xavi Bejar & José Ortega / Graphic Designer: Enric Alepuz / Motion Grapher: Vicent Todolí / Cast: Joaco J Fox, Alex Rebo, Pablo Sirera & Karma Cereza / May 2019