Creative direction and artwork for Mueveloreina’s 1st studio album, ‘Carne’. To promote the release of the album, the photographs were published in VEIN magazine.

The series is inspired by the visual universe of meat, showing the whole process: from slaughter, its distribution in supermarkets and butchers right up to the moment of consumption. To bring a more raw and visceral feel to the series, it was shot in analog.

Creative Direction, Art Direction & Set Design: Súper Fuerte / Photography: Palma Llopis / Lighting & Space: Llumm Studios / Costume Design: Elena García-Arquimbau & Adrian Andrew / Costume Assistant: Aurora Canós / MUAH: Gala Philippe, Andrea López, Kuki Gimenéz Agency / Graphic Design: Enric Alepuz / Art Assistants: Aurora Canós & Olga Clares / Production Assistants: Ander Manero & Ernest Cereza / Making-Of: Sergio Sojo / October 2019