Photography series inspired by classic horror films and B movies. The daily life of a vampire after a sentimental breakup is portrayed in cinematic visual style.

Sleep Alone

You were a lie. It was all a lie. You were a lie because I told myself that all we were was only a tale of spoiled girls who dreamt of happy endings. It was all a lie.

Manic Monday

I could see your eyes smiling at me from the edge of a knife, so I pierced through all the things that used to keep us together to bleed out of your memories.

Late Night

I waited for you until it dawned three times. I thought third time lucky, but it was not. And now, dead in life, I dream of your return. Your face reflected on everything I watch on TV.

Inferno Room

Every time I think of your hands on my body everything seems to smell of burned skin. Your memories burn as if it were yesterday, but now I only dream of you smoking the summer, crying the spring… I have become ashes.

Drama Show

My body is wet from dreaming of your teeth on my neck… my breathing is faster and I feel there is nothing more beautiful than bleeding to death in that violent mouth of yours.

Til Death Do Us Part

I have cut off all the roads leading to you. I have ripped out all the diamonds you gave me in every kiss. I have cut the veins that still beat for you. Now there is no blood left in my body.

I’ve Lost Myself

Look at me. Let me see you. Look at me, let me look at you. I scream in front of the mirror crying out your name, but you are not there. I look at myself and I can only see you. I’m searching for myself. Let me have a look at myself.

Devil In Me

From my guts emerge savage, visceral feelings I cannot control. I have to give up to them. I relish in the honey of their toxicity… and I become an animal.

Burning Up

I danced in the darkness of your lies and ran aimlessly to your feet. I collided a thousand times with the reality of my own story.


I think of her with my frozen body, my shattered stomach and with a sigh that’s about to escape from my mouth. My life. My life is all that happens while I love you.


You no longer seek me out, no longer call me, no longer see my stories, no longer write to me, or want me. And I don’t have you anymore, but you are all I have. I would just sit and watch how it all burns if only that could bring you back.

Thief Of Hearts

I walk on my hands, I’ve let the hours run like blood through my eyes up to the spider’s web where they get caught up.

I’ll Remember

I can still feel your heartbeat as if I had my head upon your navel. It still smells like the first nights. I could even tell you what you taste like. But you’re not back yet, and I´ve just got these panties left to keep you alive in my mouth… Come back, I want to smell you.

Protect Me

I move through the thickness of the poison that you used to paralyze me alive.

Alone In The Dark

Life is everything we put off until tomorrow. I have postponed forgetting you so much that there is nothing left for me to hold on in order to move forward.

Act Of Contrition

And I let go of that burning nail that was holding me. So as not to smell you anymore, or see you anymore. To love you less.

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Set Design, Graphic Design, Animation & Casting: Súper Fuerte / Model: Majo Candela / Production: Macarena Torres / Stylist: Aurora Canós & Marta Cuitavi / MUAH: Ana Molins / Postproduction: Elian Sánchez & Súper Fuerte / Creative Copywriter: Karma Cereza / Production Assistant: Chiara Torinos / Art Assistant: Olga Clares / Location: Llumm Studios / Making Of: Guillermo Puigmoltó / Music: Lorn – Acid Rain / Special Thanks: Pep Sanabra, Carlos Vera, Carlos Aparicio, Armando Guerra & Ignacio Castaño / Photographers: Alberto Gutierrez & Francisco Lázaro / August 2020