Lola Indigo’s second studio album ‘La Niña’ photography and art direction’s artwork.

The singer wanted to see herself represented as a doll, with a nostalgic nod to her adolescence, as well as her new sound inspired by the 2000s album’s.

Under this premise we decided to capture that ‘toy’ universe in a blurred way, betting on highly aesthetic images in which various Lola Indigo doll models are presented in different situations in an irreverent and very pop tone.

CD Unboxing

Motion graphics for Spotify canvas and YouTube

Photography, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Set Design & Production: Súper Fuerte / Record Label: Universal / Stylist: Marta Cuitavi / Stylist Assistants: Virginia Aguilar & Jacobo de la Iglesia / MUAH: Cristo Rodriguez / MUAH Assistant: Gala Philippe / Set Construction: Estudio Margen & Llumm Studios / Postproduction: Elian Sanchez / Graphic Design & Illustrations: Pep Sanabra / Motion: Laura Cuello & Pepe Ábalos / Making Of Video: Kaboom / Making Of Photo: Gazpacho Studio / Special Thanks: Profoto Spain & Daylight Studios / March 2021