Photography series inspired by iconic horror movies and the art of illustrated horror novel covers with a pop tone.

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Director of Photography, Set Design, Set Construction, Production, Copy, Motion & Casting: Súper Fuerte / Barbecue, Scissors, Ice Skater, Sailor, Queen & Still Life Photography: Llumm Studios / Models: Helios Roser, Annie Parfene (5.0 Models Management), Elvira Valero, Álvaro Madrigal & Carol Schievenin / Ice Skater, Sailor & Queen MUAH & FX: Santi Giménez / Ice Skater, Sailor & Queen MUAH & FX Assistant: Olga López / Barbecue & Scissors Makeup FX: Anastasiya Shvandyreva / Barbecue & Scissors MUAH: Gala Philippe / Stylist: Aurora Canós / Graphic Design On Props: Josep Prat Sorolla / Ice Skater, Sailor & Queen Retouch: La Retocadora / Barbecue & Scissors Retouch: Súper Fuerte / Still Life Retoucher: Ruben Tresserras / Barbecue & Scissors Photography: Llumm Studios & Francisco Lázaro / November 2022